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Australian casinos

Recent reviews in Australia show that both land based and online casinos have experienced a surge in opportunities for their thriving businesses.

With the government's support and approval of the Australian Casino Association, the Australian gambling industry has seen an precedent growth in business. Economically speaking, the gambling industry has been a huge boon to the country. In 2007 - 2008 alone, the Australian economy benefited with $84 million from taxes from that industry. Because of this, their social welfare budget has improved and has even been reported to have had excesses.

In the past few years, more casinos were built, which helped the employment rate as well as the construction business. As of now, there are 13 registered and legitimate casinos that are in operation in Australia. Each of the country's 8 provinces has at least one major casino in their locality providing everyone in Australia with readily accessible entertainment.

In Tasmania, you will find the Wrest Point Hotel Casino. It opened in 1973 and was Australia's first legal casino. The perfect location allows for views of Mount Wellington as well as the River Derwent. Though it may be the oldest casino, it is said to house the latest games in terms of video gambling devices.

One of the finest luxury hotel casinos is the Sofitel Reef Casino which is located in Cairns. It is most famous for its dome shaped building which offers each and every one of its hotel rooms a spectacular view of the city. It also has a rainforest where you could even get near animals only indigenous to Australia. The casino's dress code is not at all strict so everyone could freely roam the game floors.

SkyCity Hotel and Casino in Darwin was formerly named MGM Grand Casino. You can expect luxury in their accommodations and fine dining as it is known for being an award-winning hotel. You will find that their casino offers both traditional games like Baccarat and modern progressive payout games.

Star Sydney Hotel and Casino is more commonly referred to as 'The Star'. It has a massive complex and the casino gaming area occupies two full floors of it. It is considered to be an ultimate center for entertainment in Australia.

The record for the largest casino in Australia (and in the entire Southern Hemisphere) goes to the Crown Casino Entertainment Complex. It is located in Melbourne and has quickly become one of the top destinations for tourists. They provide all the classic casino games and a mix of the modern ones. They were first to launch Rapid Roulette which uses electronic touch screens for placing bets.

Tourists from all over the world make it a point to play in the casinos as part of their vacation Down Under. These hotel casinos have evolved to become an integral part of the tourism offerings, and a major must-see and must-do for vacationers who visit the country.